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Flying Buttress 1.4 Publisher's Description

As Apple's built-in Firewall preferences improves in both functionality and security, I will be aiming Flying Buttress more at users who need the advanced firewall configuration, logging, and IP sharing options found in Flying Buttress.

There is no reason that a new or inexperienced user cannot use Flying Buttress, but Apple's own Firewall preferences will likely remain a simpler interface for configuring a basic firewall.

However, if you need:

* Firewall filters that include qualifiers on host or network addresses
* Firewall filters that operate on other than TCP or UDP protocols
* Firewall filters that include the whole range of ipfw qualifiers, such as IP options, ICMP types or TCP flags
* Per-filter logging configuration, including the ability to log allowed connections and the option to not log certain types of denied connections
* NAT port forwarding or other custom NAT configuration
* Different filter configurations on different network interfaces.
* A persistant, searchable firewall log entry database with graphical log viewer
* Scriptable control of your firewall, such as via cron or other shell automation
* Access and ability to easily edit the raw firewall configuration text, including an integrated ipfw filter syntax checker.
* The ability to switch between different firewall configuration sets quickly and easily.

...then you should consider using Flying Buttress.

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